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Varmora Granito Pvt. Ltd. came into being with a clear vision - to become a global leader in the world of ceramics in span of two decades, our futuristic group has grown by leaps and bounds into a nationwide conglomerate manufacturing quality ceramic, porcelain and vitrified tiles.

Varmora sources from popular international organizations like Sacmi Italy and Itaca spain. What had started as a small plant in 1994 is now home to Italian machinery capable of sustained production quality and strength. Spearheaded by visionaries Mr. Bhavesh Varmora, our multi-million business has a vast network of more than 5000 retail outlets and over 700 dealers, we also run around 20 branches offices with more than 1200 professionals across the country.

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  • 1.

    83rd Sanitaryware Showroom at Gangor Agencies, Balotra

    Varmora's 83rd sanitary ware showroom - Gangor Agencies inaugurated at Balotra; spreading Varmora's legacy.
    - 22-Nov-2017
  • 2.

    92nd Exclisive tiles Showroom at M & JC AND IR Mizoram at Aizawl

    Varmora proudly announces Grand Inauguration of 93rd showroom "Varmora Galaxy" in the state of Girl Power- Mizoram at Aizawl on 21st November'17,...
    - 22-Nov-2017
  • 3.

    82nd Sanitaryware Showroom at Surender Sanity, Kurukshetra

    Enlarging its approach, Varmora inaugurated its 82nd Sanitaryware Showroom at Surender Tiles Gallery , Kurukshetra
    - 07-Nov-2017
  • 4.

    90th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Agarwal Marbles Vikasnagar Uttrakhand

    Varmora is here with another brand new showroom! Our 90th Exclusive tiles showroom inaugurated at Agarwal Marbles (Vikasnagar, Uttrakhand)
    - 06-Nov-2017
  • 5.

    91st Exclisive tiles Showroom at Kurukshetra SURENDRA TILE GALLERY

    Varmora continues to spread its charisma! Our 91st exclusive tiles showroom got inaugurated at SURENDRA TILE GALLERY, Kurukshetra
    - 06-Nov-2017
  • 6.

    89th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Jai Bajrang Marble, Lucknow, UP

    Taking one more step towards growth, Varmora inaugurated its 89th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Jai Bajrang Marble, Lucknow, UP.
    - 27-Oct-2017
  • 7.

    81st Sanitaryware Showroom - Nagpal Traders, Rajpura

    Moving towards success, Varmora inaugurated its 81st Sanitary ware Showroom - Nagpal Traders in Rajpura, Punjab
    - 25-Oct-2017
  • 8.

    88th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Garib Nawaz at Padrauna ,Uttar Pradesh

    Varmora’s presence expanded further with the opening of its 88th Exclusive Tiles Showroom- Garib Nawaz in Padrauna, Uttar Pradesh!
    - 24-Oct-2017
  • 9.

    87th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Rampur, U. P

    A perfect way to celebrate Dhanteras is here! Varmora‘s 87 Exclusive Tiles Showroom-Laxmi Enterprise inaugurated in Rampur, U. P
    - 17-Oct-2017
  • 10.

    86th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Sisodiya Tiles -Dhar (M.P)

    Being unique in the world of excellence, Varmora inaugurated its 86th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Sisodiya Tiles -Dhar (M.P)
    - 16-Oct-2017
  • 11.

    85th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Kumkum ceramic - kathmandu (Nepal).

    Varmora is all set to fix its foot in Kathmandu (Nepal) with the opening of its new showroom - Kumkum Ceramics
    - 14-Oct-2017
  • 12.

    79th Royal Store Opening - Om Sai Tiles & Sanitaryware at Jewar

    Expanding its horizons, Varmora has inaugurated its 79th Sanitaryware Showroom- Om Sai Tiles & Sanitaryware at Jewar, Uttar Pradesh.
    - 13-Oct-2017
  • 13.

    83rd Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Anish Traders inaugurated in Surat

    One more reason to celebrate is here! Varmora’s 83rd Exclusive Tiles Showroom- Anish Traders inaugurated in Surat, Gujarat
    - 12-Oct-2017
  • 14.

    84th Exclusive Tiles Showroom - Om Sai Tiles & Sanitaryware at Jewar

    Expanding its horizons, Varmora has inaugurated its 84th Exclusive Tiles Showroom- Om Sai Tiles & Sanitaryware at Jewar, Uttar Pradesh.
    - 12-Oct-2017
  • 15.

    80th Royal Store Opening at Bharat Bath Gallery Malerkotla

    Varmora’s 80th Sanitaryware Showroom - Bharat Bath Gallery inaugurated in Malerkotla, multiplying Varmora’s market command.
    - 12-Oct-2017
  • 16.

    77th Royal Store Opening - at Maruthi Floorings in Bengaluru

    Varmora continues to expand its presence with the inauguration of 77th Sanitaryware Showroom- Maruthi Floorings in Bengaluru
    - 11-Oct-2017
  • 17.

    82nd Exclusive Showroom at Sri Mahalaxmi trading company - Mulbagal

    Varmora’s showroom counts just got a rise with the opening of 82nd Exclusive Tile Showroom- Sri Mahalaxmi Trading Company in Mulbagal
    - 11-Oct-2017
  • 18.

    78th Royal Store Opening - at Sri Channakeshva Swamy Traders, Chikkaballapur

    Varmora’s presence widened with the opening of 78th Sanitaryware Showroom-Sri Channakeshva Swamy Traders in Chikkaballapur
    - 11-Oct-2017
  • 19.

    76th Royal Store Opening - at J K Designer Tiles, Bengaluru

    Varmora’s 76th Sanitaryware Showroom- J K Designer Tiles, Royale Store inaugurated in Bengaluru
    - 09-Oct-2017
  • 20.

    80th Exclusive Showroom at Sidheswar saw mill Pusegaon, MAharastra

    Varmora is spreading its area with 80th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Sidheswar Saw Mill, Pusegaon, Maharashtra.
    - 02-Oct-2017
  • 21.

    81st Exclusive Showroom at Kishan Steel and Ply, Rajkot, Gujarat

    Varmora is proud to extend its parameter with 81st Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Kishan Steel and Ply, Rajkot, Gujarat.
    - 02-Oct-2017
  • 22.

    Unified Benz of India Publication Board

    Unified Benz of India Publication Board felicitates Bhavesh Varmora, Chairman Varmora Group for his outstanding performance & excellent contribut...
    - 02-Oct-2017
  • 23.

    79th Exclusive Showroom - Sai Ceramic at Kishangarh (Rajasthan)

    Moving towards success, Varmora inaugurates its 79th Exclusive Tiles showroom- Sai Ceramic at Kishangarh (Rajasthan).
    - 27-Sep-2017
  • 24.

    75th Royal Store Opening - at Srija tiles world Hyderabad

    Varmora's network continues to expand with the inauguration of 75th Sanitaryware Showroom-Srija Tiles World in Hyderabad
    - 26-Sep-2017
  • 25.

    78th Exclusive Showroom at Shiv Shakti Tiles & Paints Bhiwani

    One more page is added to the success story of Varmora with the inauguration of 78th Exclusive Tiles Showroom named Shiv Shakti Tiles, Paints & M...
    - 26-Sep-2017
  • 26.

    77th Exclusive Showroom - Modern Ceramic in Palanpur

    Varmora adds one more name to its list with the inauguration of its 77th exclusive showroom - Modern Ceramic in Palanpur.
    - 25-Sep-2017
  • 27.

    74th Royal Store Opening - J K Ceramic in Ahmedabad

    Varmora continues to prosper with the opening of its 74th Sanitaryware Showroom- J K Ceramic in Ahmedabad.
    - 25-Sep-2017
  • 28.

    73rd Royal Store Opening at South Asian Ceramic in Mansoorabad, Hyderabad

    Expanding its reach further, Varmora inaugurated its 73rd Sanitaryware Showroom- South Asian Ceramic in Mansoorabad, Hyderabad
    - 22-Sep-2017
  • 29.

    75th Exclusive Tiles Showroom - Hajeera Traders (Pattukkottai – Tamil Nadu)

    One more milestone registered! Varmora is here with its 75th exclusive tiles showroom- Hajeera Traders. (Pattukkottai – Tamil Nadu)
    - 21-Sep-2017
  • 30.

    76th Exclusive Tiles Showroom - Kwality Ceramics in Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Varmora continues to progress further with the opening of its 76th Showroom- Kwality Ceramics in Jaipur, Rajasthan
    - 21-Sep-2017
  • 31.

    72nd Royal Store Opening at Om Sree Bath Store at Siddipet Telangana

    Varmora inaugurated its 72nd Sanitaryware Showroom- Om Sree Bath Store at Siddipet Telangana
    - 21-Sep-2017
  • 32.

    74th Exclusive Tiles Showroom at Gagan Marble , Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh

    Varmora continues to flourish further with the opening of its 74th Exclusive Tile Showroom- Gagan Marble (Star Store) in Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh
    - 06-Sep-2017
  • 33.

    73rd Exclusive Tile Showroom at KHANDELWAL PIPES AND TUBES, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    A new reason to celebrate is here! Varmora's 73rd Exclusive Tile Showroom- KHANDELWAL PIPES AND TUBES inaugurated in Jaipur, Rajasthan
    - 05-Sep-2017
  • 34.

    71st Royal Store Opening at Gupta Bath Palace, Ghaziabad, UP

    Varmora's presence got wider with the opening of its 71st sanitary ware Showroom- Gupta Bath Palace, in Ghaziabad, UP.
    - 04-Sep-2017
  • 35.

    72nd Exclusive Showroom at Heaven Tiles & Sanitation in Dawas, MP.

    Varmora added one more name to its showroom’s list as Director- Mr. Raju Detroja inaugurates 72nd Exclusive Tile Showroom - Heaven Tiles & San...
    - 02-Sep-2017
  • 36.

    69th Royal Store Opening at RR Sanitary Home, Anantapur, Andhrapradesh

    Varmora inaugurated its 69th sanitary ware showroom- RR Sanitary Home in, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.
    - 01-Sep-2017
  • 37.

    70th Royal Store Opening at Sanskar Tiles, Gorakhpur, UP

    Varmora’s 70th sanitary ware showroom- Sanskar Tiles, inaugurated in Gorakhpur, UP.
    - 01-Sep-2017
  • 38.

    68th Royal Store Opening at Soman & Associate, Badlapur, Thane, Mahara

    Varmora’s 68th sanitary ware showroom-Soman & Associates, inaugurated in Badlapur, Thane; expanding Varmora’s reach.
    - 31-Aug-2017
  • 39.

    VARMORA international receiving award from Gujarat CM VIJAYBHAI RUPANI

    Varmora continues to climb the ladder of success. Mr. Hiren Varmora felicitated by CM VIJAY BHAI RUPANI on account of receiving an award for the ...
    - 28-Aug-2017
  • 40.

    71st Exclusive Showroom Opening at Swastik Ceramics Umbraj SATARA

    One more name added in our list! Varmora's 71st Exclusive Showroom- Swastik Ceramics inaugurated in SATARA
    - 26-Aug-2017
  • 41.

    70th Showroom at Manish traders - vidisha , Madhya Pradesh, India

    Varmora continues to blossom! Varmora's 70th Showroom- Manish traders, inaugurated in Madhya Pradesh
    - 25-Aug-2017
  • 42.

    67th Royale Store - Shree Shyam Trading Company

    One more feather added in our cap with the inauguration of our 67th Royale Store.
    - 24-Aug-2017
  • 43.

    69th Exclusive Showroom Opening at J.K. DESIGNER TILES WORLD, BENGALURU

    69th Exclusive Showroom - J.K. DESIGNER TILES WORLD inaugurated in BENGALURU, making Varmora's reach stronger
    - 24-Aug-2017
  • 44.

    56-66th Grand Opening

    Varmora’s market presence flourishes with the inauguration of 10 showrooms
    - 23-Aug-2017
  • 45.

    55th Royale Store - Classics Sanitary & Hardware, Grater Noida, UP

    Varmora continues to blossom with the opening of its 55th Sanitary Ware showroom
    - 22-Aug-2017
  • 46.

    68th Exclusive Showroom at Bikaner, Rajasthan

    Varmora continues to shine with the opening of its 68th Exclusive Showroom- Star Store; inaugurated in Bikaner, Rajasthan
    - 19-Aug-2017
  • 47.

    67th Showroom Opening at Kaka G & Sons, Tundla, Uttar Pradesh

    The 67th exclusive showroom of Varmora has been inaugurated at Kaka G & Sons, Tundla, Uttar Pradesh with a bang!
    - 04-Aug-2017
  • 48.

    66th Showroom at Ambe Enterprise, Ahmedabad

    Varmora continues to prosper with the opening of its 66th Exclusive Showroom (Ambe Enterprise) in Ahmedabad
    - 31-Jul-2017
  • 49.

    54th Royale Store - Surya Traders, Vellarada, Trivendrum, Kerala

    Varmora's reach expanded further with the opening of it 54th Sanitaryware Showroom - Royale Store at Surya Traders, Vellarada, Trivendrum, Kerala
    - 22-Jul-2017
  • 50.

    65th Showroom at Tirupati Trading Co., Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

    Escalating new heights, Varmora opened a new showroom - Tirupati Trading Co., at Hanumangarh (Rajasthan)
    - 21-Jul-2017
  • 51.

    63rd Star Store - Luxmi Tile House, in Barnala, Punjab.

    Varmora’s success story just got a new addition. 63rd Star Store- Luxmi Tile House got inaugurated in Barnala, Punjab.
    - 15-Jul-2017
  • 52.

    64th Showroom - Star Store at Farid marble, Punjab.

    Varmora's showroom count elevates to 64 with the opening of third Star Store- Farid marble in Punjab.
    - 15-Jul-2017
  • 53.

    62nd Varmora Showroom Opening at Dhuri, Punjab.

    Varmora continues to expand its reach with the inauguration of its 62nd Showroom-Star Store in Dhuri, Punjab.
    - 14-Jul-2017
  • 54.

    53th Royale Store @ Bellwish Build Mart,in Kerala

    53th Varmora Royale Store at Bellwish Build Mart inaugurated in Kerala adding to Varmora’s milestones.
    - 06-Jul-2017
  • 55.

    61st Showroom @ Gopal Krishna Marbles, Patna, Bihar

    Varmora continues to climb the ladder progress with the opening of its 61st showroom @ Gopal Krishna Marbles, Patna, Bihar
    - 03-Jul-2017
  • 56.

    60th Varmora Exclusive Showroom at Airson Marble & Ceramics, Keshod, Gujarat

    Varmora has hit 60! Airson Marble & Ceramics-Varmora’s 60th Exclusive Showroom inaugurated in Keshod, Gujarat by Mr. Raju Detroja.
    - 27-Jun-2017
  • 57.

    59th Varmora Exclusive Showroom Opened at Shivam Traders, Shivrinarayan, Chhat...

    59th Varmora Exclusive Showroom Opened at Shivam Traders, Shivrinarayan, Chhattisgarh.
    - 22-Jun-2017
  • 58.

    52nd Royal Store at Sood Construction Company in Ambala

    With the opening of its 52nd Royal Sanitary Ware store at Sood Construction Company in Ambala, Varmora continues to prosper further
    - 19-Jun-2017
  • 59.

    58th Showroom at Singhal Enterprises Sarangarh

    Walking down the pathway of business growth, Varmora opens its 58th Showroom in Sarangarh.
    - 17-Jun-2017
  • 60.

    51st Royal Store at Mangalam Sanitary & Pipes in Rajasthan

    Varmora has become a benchmark in itself with the opening of its 51st Royal Sanitary Ware store at Mangalam Sanitary and Pipes in Rajasthan
    - 17-Jun-2017
  • 61.

    57th Showroom, Maa Laxmi Marble - RAIGARH

    Varmora’s family tree just got bigger with opening of 57th Star showroom in Raigarh
    - 15-Jun-2017
  • 62.

    56th Showroom, Krishna marble, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Varmora expands its reach further with the opening of 56th showroom- Krishna marble in Kathmandu, Nepal.
    - 03-Jun-2017
  • 63.

    55th Showroom, RDA Commercial & Mercantile Pvt. Ltd., Karanjia, Odisha

    Time witnessed one more majestic move in the domain of Varmora as RDA Commercial and Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. (Karanjia, Odisha) is now officially an...
    - 22-May-2017
  • 64.

    54th Showroom, Tiles Studio in Gadarwala, MP

    Varmora Granito Pvt. Ltd. has got another star in its sky with the opening of its 54th Star Showroom - Tiles Studio in Gadarwala, MP, inaugurated...
    - 22-May-2017
  • 65.

    53rd Showroom, Bhilwara, Rajasthan

    We have added one more feather in our hat by opening a new Universe Showroom in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. To mark the opening of this 53rd showroom, H...
    - 20-May-2017
  • 66.

    50th Sanitaryware Showroom Opening Ceremony

    The legacy of accomplishments continues as Varmora has hit the count of 50 in its Sanitary Ware’s showrooms list. After registering the milesto...
    - 16-May-2017
  • 67.

    52nd Showroom at Jay Ambe, Agra

    Varmora continues to spread its presence and brilliance even further with the opening of its 52nd showroom at Jay Ambe, Agra
    - 09-May-2017
  • 68.

    51st Showroom Opening Ceremony

    Varmora is a mass favorite entity today. The amount of affection it has received from the folks all around is as such commendable which is essent...
    - 05-May-2017
  • 69.

    50th Showroom Shri Guptnath Tiles & Sanitary, Dausa, Rajasthan

    When we say that Varmora leads the march towards magnificence, we do mean it till the core. Setting benchmarks is indeed a tradition at Varmora a...
    - 02-May-2017
  • 70.

    Connect & Collaborate with Varmora at Coverings’ 17 – Orlando USA

    ‘Coverings’ 17 The global tile and Stone Experience’ is the largest tile and stone show in North America with 9 miles of the latest trends ...
    - 25-Mar-2017
  • 71.

    49th Showroom Opening Ceremony @ Classic Ceramic - Kerala, INDIA

    - 25-Mar-2017
  • 72.

    48th exclusive showroom @ Patel Brother, Jabalpur (star store) 25th Feb 2017

    Varmora Granito opened its 48th exclusive showroom @ Patel Brother, Jabalpur (star store) 25th Feb 2017. inaugurated by delegates from Varmora : ...
    - 27-Feb-2017
  • 73.

    47th Exclusive showroom Opened @ Everest Marble and Stone Company, Mangalore.

    Varmora Granito opened its 47th exclusive showroom @ Everest Marble and Stone Company, Mangalore. Everest Marbles & Stone Company Near Karavali ...
    - 19-Feb-2017
  • 74.

    Builders and Architects from Hyderabad visited Varmora Unit, Morbi

    Today a group of top notch architects and builders from Hyderabad has visited our manufacturing unit and mega showroom at Morbi, Gujarat
    - 18-Feb-2017
  • 75.

    Varmora awarded as Pioneers in Digital Printing technology in VIBRANT CERAMIC...

    Varmora Group is acknowledged as a pioneer in Digital Printing Technology and launching Digital Printing tiles first time in India. The award wa...
    - 19-Jan-2017
  • 76.

    Galaxy Showroom Opening @ HSR Ceramics and Sanitarywares, Bengaluru

    Varmora Granito proudly announced one more Galaxy Showroom Opening at HSR Ceramics and Sanitarywares on 29th December 2016 at Bengaluru, India.
    - 30-Dec-2016
  • 77.

    Varmora Universe Opening @ Arihant Tiles & Granite, Aurangabad

    The never ending saga of success bloomed! our reach is further expanded with 3 new show rooms within a month itself.
    - 21-Dec-2016
  • 78.

    Varmora Innovator's Lounge @Acetech New Delhi 2016

    We cordially invite you to our exclusive lounge, a combination of beauty and class. Experience the visual treat of design and decor. Let us all e...
    - 15-Dec-2016
  • 79.

    Varmora Universe Showroom Opening @ Ajmer

    Ajmer is now the home of Varmora Universe. Exquisite and mesmerising world of Varmora tiles and sanitary wares are now within the reach of Ajmer ...
    - 11-Dec-2016
  • 80.

    Kuwait Welcomes Brand Varmora

    Kuwait magazines and newspaper covering Mr Hiren Varmora and Mr Khaled on marketing plans and establishing Varmora brand in Kuwait.
    - 28-Nov-2016
  • 81.

    Exclusive and Exquisite Varmora Universe Showroom Opening @ Lucknow

    Varmora UNIVERSE Showroom with formidable range of Tiles and Sanitary ware arrived with great funfair in the city of Nawab's - Lucknow city at Ha...
    - 26-Nov-2016
  • 82.

    An article in newspaper in Ethiopia

    An article in newspaper in Ethiopia! A great start for Varmora Ethiopia.
    - 16-Nov-2016
  • 83.

    Acetech Mumbai 2016

    - 10-Nov-2016
  • 84.

    Expo CIHAC, Mexico City

    Varmora Granito participated @ 28th Expo CIHAC,in Mexico City from Tuesday, 11 to Saturday, 15 October 2016. This trade show is Latin America’...
    - 11-Oct-2016
  • 85.

    Show room at Morbi

    Varmora Granito Pvt. Ltd. launches India’s largest, 40000sq ft tile and sanitary ware showroom on a single floor in Morbi. A must visit for al...
    - 01-Oct-2016
  • 86.

    Ethio – Con 2016, Ethiopia

    After covering more than 70 countries, Vamora Tiles and Sanitaryware now has set sight on Ethiopia - the diplomatic center of Africa. Our domin...
    - 21-Sep-2016
  • 87.

    Varmora as Knowledge Partners to ‘International Conference on ESD'

    The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) has generated rich experiences of transforming education for children and youth. The G...
    - 16-Sep-2016
  • 88.

    Chinitan Shibir to bring community bizmen on one platform

    Mr. Prakash Varmora, chairman emeritus, played a pivotal role in bringing 180 Patidar businessmen from Gujarat under one umbrella of Sardardhan-V...
    - 06-Aug-2016
  • 89.

    Launching of Deep Punch Tiles

    Varmora Tiles’ focus on technological innovation & precise manufacturing practice has resulted in products that can be called creative works of...
    - 18-Jun-2016
  • 90.

    Launching of Antartica white,

    At Chennai Partners meet @ The Grand Chola on 18th June Varmora showcased its exquisite designs, with their elegant brilliance & affable charm. V...
    - 18-Jun-2016
  • 91.

    Launching of Techno Twin

    Varmora launches it Techno Twin tiles at Chennai Partners meet @ The Grand Chola on 18th June 2016 Techno Twin tiles have triple layers, consist...
    - 18-Jun-2016
  • 92.

    Launching of Hi Gloss Tiles

    @The Grand Chola, Chennai, on 18th June 2016 the jewel of Varmora tiles - Hi-Gloss series was introduced to the world in the presence of our le...
    - 18-Jun-2016
  • 93.

    New Exclusive Showroom - Raipur (Galaxy)

    - 13-May-2016
  • 94.

    New Exclusive Showroom - Jaipur (Universe)

    - 30-Apr-2016
  • 95.

    Varmora Press Coverage - Jaipur Showroom

    - 11-Apr-2016

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